Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Silver Lining

My father is buried in a beautiful cemetery in the foothills close to my childhood home.  I have hiked up the road to that place countless times throughout my childhood.  So many different seasons - so many different stages of life.  It is a place that is familiar to me, and for the most part a place of beauty and peace more than sadness.  However, I must admit, when I reach the headstone and read the names - names of children (including my own) who were so young, so small when they lost their father, the tears start to fall.  There will always be a little bit of pain.  But there will always be a little bit of peace too.  When I see the beautiful depiction of the temple carved on the stone and think of eternity, I remember.

One summer evening I walked up to the cemetery with my older sister.  We were both young single adults.  We'd been there many times before, but never just the two of us.  The beautiful thing about the cemetery is that it has the most magnificent view.  As it extends out from the beautiful mountain on whose foothills it rests, it looks over the entire valley almost 360 degrees.  My sister and I sat on the grass and looked over the valley.  We were so excited to see the beautiful sunset we knew was coming, when we realized that a few grey clouds had moved in and were covering the sun.  A little dissappointed, we talked quietly, not expecting to see the beauty of the sunset.   Then my sister noticed it first.  The clouds were lined with a beautiful silver edge, glowing almost gold, as the light burst out from behind.  We both marveled at the exquisite painting in the sky right before our eyes.  We have all experienced the beauty of nature that cannot be put into words.

I could not help but think... silver lining.  The clouds did cover the sun, but the glowing silvery gold left such beauty to enjoy.  In life, the clouds may also cover the "sun" at times.  Those clouds may be very grey, and very unwanted.  But I know, through so many experiences of my own, that there is always a silver lining... always.  Look for it.  It is there.  The beauty is there.  The peace is there.  The joy can be found.  The beauty of life experience is that through trials we are transformed from a grain of sand to a pearl.  As I sat in a place that often triggers sorrow and pain, I felt peace, joy and saw the beauty of the silver lining that comes with every experience in life - even the grey ones.  Men are that they may have joy.  Every experience comes with  good, with beauty and with that silver lining.  There is always a silver lining.


vinestreet said...

Hi Lori,

This was so beautiful to read. I love the beauty of this valley, and having grown up here as well the scene you painted was really stunning.

It is so very true that we are meant to experience joy in this life, and that it often comes as a counterpart to sorrow or pain. It's so hard to imagine a young child as yourself, or one of my own, going through incredibly painful things. A part of us as parents just wants to protect them from all pain.

But I also believe like you, that there really is an individual plan for each person, and that plan does include hurt.

Thank you for the inspiring post.


TravisandLori said...

Thanks for reading Kristen and for your insights!

MommaA said...

Hi Lori,
I love your insight and the beautiful way you put it into words. Hope you find time to share some more of your thoughts.