Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm a psychology major, so I've heard all the theories.
Nonetheless, I still pose this question:
Where do dreams come from
(the dreams we have when we're asleep)
...besides a certain part of the brain?
Do they have real meaning?
Does God use our dreams?
How often?
Does Satan have power over our dreams?
What about agency?
Do we have power over our dreams?
Are we responsible for our dreams?
Or are they just nerve impulses - random, latent output of the subconscious?
Sometimes dreams can be entertaining
They can be wonderful fairy tales
or silly-strange fables
Sometimes they are frightening
or disturbing
and shake us to our core
most of the time they don't make sense
or are forgotten
But sometimes they stay with us forever
As strange as they may be, they are the residue - a small token
of the many hours of our life spent in sleep
What are dreams?