Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rights, Freedom and Values

I think many people are confused. Many people, like me, believe in the constitution. They believe in freedom. And people are hesitant to start defining too much what one can and cannot do; worrying that it might start limiting the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, as human beings.

However, what we must remember is that amidst "freedom" there is still right and wrong. Yes, people should be free to speak, live, work, worship and learn how they will - but there is still right and wrong. The constitution is based on underlying fundamental values. Values must still remain in place. The constitution was created for this "one nation under God." The freedoms of our country are based on god-given values if which crumble, so will the freedoms and framework of our country.

We must speak up for truth and right. We must voice our values - as Americans and human beings. And be grateful for the constitution that still allows us to do so. As long as this country and government runs the way it's supposed to, the majority voice will be heard. Let's make that majority voice be one fighting, not only for freedom, but for right and truth, goodness and morality. Not to limit others' freedoms, but to allow the freedom that comes with truth and right! When someone is doing wrong, they can never be free anyway. And when a country is built upon wrong principles, it will fall.

(Will the day come when we allow someone to go around stealing, or killing because it's what they believe or it's what they prefer or what they are inclined to do?? Just a thought.)

Save Marriage and Family!

"We call upon responsible CITIZENS and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society."
(The Family : A Proclamation to the World).
Don't be afraid to stand up for traditional marriage and fight for measures that will save the family! (See link The Divine Institution of Marriage ).

Quote of the Day

"Be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled, will disappear all too soon... and that you will, to your surprise, miss them, profoundly."
President Thomas S. Monson
I've been thinking a lot along these lines lately. A few months ago, I was staying with my mom, and my two boys (3 and 1) were running wild and crazy. I thought I had had enough being a mom for a while. Seriously considering ebay as a means of relieving myself of my two little "burdensome obligations," I was met by my mom with a smile on her face. She said, "Isn't it so much fun - you get to take care of these two cute little children. Think how lonely your life would be without them." Ever since then, I have tried to look at things this way. I absolutely ADORE my two little guys! And life WOULD be dull withought them! It's just I sometimes forget. It's usually at night, when they're asleep and I have a quite moment to contemplate, that I feel such a profound love for them and joy that comes with it. And I feel so BLESSED that I get to be their mother. To be a mother has been a lifelong dream of mine!
In truth, children are not stressful, irritating,difficult,tiring, or crazy - though I often turn them into that. They are fun, cute and wonderful beings who can bring so much joy to life!
Like Pres. Monson also said "Live in the present." Enjoy each moment, each day. And thank God for all the joy that can be found - especially in being a mom! It's true, as Elder Ballard once said, the time of having young children in your home makes up only about 1/10th of an adult's life! Enjoy it while it lasts!!
Love it. Take it in.
You will certainly have time later to fulfill the other "dreams" you have. But none will ever be so valuable as the one you are fulfilling now - being a mother.
So don't look forward too much to the time that will assuredly come when, along with all of your new-found freedom, you will "miss them profoundly."