Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Sunday Scoop"

We have a tradition in our family called
"Sunday Scoop"

  After church each Sunday, we gather around the table and enjoy scoops of ice cream as we get the scoop from each person about what they learned in church.  It's a little silly, but a little bit of fun for the kids.  And a small and simple way to talk about the gospel together.  The kids now find me excitedly after church ready to tell me what they learned that day and eager to have "Sunday Scoop."


vinestreet said...

16That is a neat idea. We sometimes do something called "Rose and Thorn," where each person tells about the Rose (the best part) of their day, and also the Thorn (the worst or hardest part) of their day. It is a neat way to connect with each other, and, at times to bring up gospel topics with the things people mention that happen to them.

TravisandLori said...

Great idea!