Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm a psychology major, so I've heard all the theories.
Nonetheless, I still pose this question:
Where do dreams come from
(the dreams we have when we're asleep)
...besides a certain part of the brain?
Do they have real meaning?
Does God use our dreams?
How often?
Does Satan have power over our dreams?
What about agency?
Do we have power over our dreams?
Are we responsible for our dreams?
Or are they just nerve impulses - random, latent output of the subconscious?
Sometimes dreams can be entertaining
They can be wonderful fairy tales
or silly-strange fables
Sometimes they are frightening
or disturbing
and shake us to our core
most of the time they don't make sense
or are forgotten
But sometimes they stay with us forever
As strange as they may be, they are the residue - a small token
of the many hours of our life spent in sleep
What are dreams?


mom said...

You are a deep thinker! I don't know the answers to most of those questions. I do know that sometimes the Lord does use dreams to help, warn, or comfort us. Isn't it wonderful that He knows what we need and the best way to help us? My Mom was taught many things in dreams. Thanks for writing your thoughts! I love reading what you write. Love you!!

vinestreet said...

I think that dreams can be any one of the things you listed. Each person I know has had unique experiences with dreams. I think that God can use dreams as a way of communicating with us, because it's one way of using our mortal bodies. However, our bodies are just that---mortal---so dreams can also (I believe) just be nonsense. I think each person has the capacity to know if a dream has meaning or not.

For me, they seem to just reflect what I am thinking about, worried about, or caring about at a particular season in my life. Sometimes the story of the dream will seem to be nonsense, but if the feelings I experienced during the dream are what I am going through during the daytime.

On my mission, a missionary companion I had that was from Argentina had a dream that ended up saving us from danger. I had never been a part of such an experience before. I had never thought of dreams working like that before, because for me, dreams aren't what the Spirit uses to talk to me. It was a powerful witness to me that God uses individually tailored means, such as dreams, to intervene and guide our lives.

Lori said...

I think both of you are so right - the Lord does use means of communicating that work best for each of us! Thanks for your comments and insights.